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Passware Kit v.2016 Recovers Passwords for OpenOffice Files, Supports Shared Dictionaries and RTI2 Rainbow Tables, and Instantly Resets Windows 10 Live ID Passwords

NEW IN PASSWARE KIT 2016 v.1 Password recovery for OpenOffice files Support for shared dictionaries Instant reset of Windows 10 Live ID passwords Support for RTI2 tables for fast recovery of hashed passwords

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Passware Kit 2015 v.4 Extracts Files from Dropbox, Recovers Windows 10 Live ID Passwords, and Updates Passware Kit Agents Automatically

NEW IN PASSWARE KIT 2015 v.4 Dropbox data acquisition Automatic updates for Passware Kit Agents New Passware Kit Agent for Amazon Decryption of BitLocker disk images from Windows 10 Live ID password recovery for Windows versions 8 and 10 Password recovery for MS Office 2016 documents (both Mac and Windows versions) New product names

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Passware Kit 2015 v.3 Acquires Files From OneDrive, Extracts Windows Phone Data, and Accelerates Password Recovery with TACC2

NEW IN PASSWARE KIT 2015 v.3 Acquisition of files from Microsoft OneDrive Data extraction from Windows Phones Hardware acceleration with TACC2

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Passware Kit 2015 v.2 Acquires iCloud Photo Stream, Decrypts Hidden TrueCrypt, and Offers Automatic Software Updates

NEW IN PASSWARE KIT 2015 v.2 Acquisition of iCloud Photo Stream via live memory analysis Hardware accelerated password recovery for hidden TrueCrypt containers Automatic software updates Improved performance of Passware Kit Agent for Linux Decryption of FileVault 2 from Mac OS X Yosemite Passwords extraction from KeePass databases Exporting results to CSV format

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Passware Kit 2015 Recovers LUKS Passwords, Unlocks KeePass Databases, and Decrypts PGP SKR in Batch Mode

NEW IN PASSWARE KIT 2015 Password recovery for LUKS hard disk images Password recovery for KeePass databases PGP SKR password recovery in batch mode

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How to create a custom dictionary

It is easy to create a dictionary file from any text or binary file (e.g. a memory image, hibernation or swap file). It order to compile your file into Passware Kit dictionary format (*.dic), follow the steps below. 1.      Run Passware Kit against your password-protected file, then choose “Advanced: Customize Settings”. Drag the “Dictionary” attack from […]

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Passware Kit 13.7 Acquires iCloud Backups, Recovers Passwords for Non-system FileVault2 Volumes, and Accelerates TrueCrypt Decryption on AMD

NEW IN PASSWARE KIT 13.7 Acquisition of Apple iCloud backups for iOS devices * Decryption and password recovery for FileVault2 non-system volumes ** AMD GPU acceleration for TrueCrypt password recovery ** Windows password reset on UEFI systems Recovery of corrupted Windows Desktop Search databases * Performance logs for distributed password recovery ** * Forensic edition only** Enterprise and Forensic editions only

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Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst released

OXYGEN FORENSIC PASSWARE ANALYST Passware integrates its password recovery module into Oxygen software to provide a complete solution for mobile forensics – Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst. Should an investigator encounter a password-protected data backup, Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst automatically attempts to bypass or recover the password by using brute-force, dictionary, or other easily customizable attacks to […]

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Passware Kit 12.5 Finds Encrypted Disks, Improves AMD Acceleration, and Analyzes Windows 8 Hibernation Files

NEW IN PASSWARE KIT 12.5   Encrypted volumes and hard disk images are detected during a computer scan Unprotected files are created automatically for batch processes Hardware acceleration: AMD ATI cards are now supported for MS Office 2013, Zip, and Apple iTunes password recovery Memory analysis: Passwords are extracted from Windows 8 hibernation files Password […]

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Passware’s 15 Anniversary! 15% off any order for the next 15 days w/coupon PW-15-YRS!

Passware has been developing password recovery and encrypted evidence discovery software for 15 years now! The company started its business back in 1998 helping consumers who had forgotten their passwords. As time went by, the need for decryption software as a tool for enterprises, help desks, private investigators, and law enforcement became evident. Passware has […]

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